Kaitlin Cashwell

Director of Community Integration

Kaitlin Cashwell directs and oversees the Community Integration program.  Community Integration includes The Network, research projects, community training/consulting, Corporate Veteran Initiative and WarriorServe® client relations.  She is responsible for assessing the needs of each initiative and ensuring that objectives are met.  She works with the team to coordinate program activities within resource constraints.  

She is experienced in business administration, finance, and project management. She works closely with the entire team utilizing her organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills to keep the team on track. Both Kaitlin’s grandfathers served and she has two brothers-in-law currently serving in the US Navy. Kaitlin holds a Master’s of Business Administration at Augusta, University’s Hull College of Business. Outside of work, Kaitlin enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and little girl.