Jim Lorraine

President & CEO

Jim Lorraine, the president and CEO of America’s Warrior Partnership, served in the U.S. Air Force as a Flight Nurse with nine combat deployments and retired as the Deputy Command Surgeon for the United States Special Operations Command after 22 years of service. He became the founding director of the United States Special Operations Command Care Coalition and served as Special Assistant for Warrior and Family Support to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Lorraine leveraged his extensive experience to develop a program, known as Community Integration, that unifies local communities and their resources around service members, veterans, and their families, to increase employment, housing, healthcare, and life satisfaction for them. He took the program nationally, joining with other nonprofits, and developed a network of communities and resources to serve veterans everywhere. Under his leadership, America’s Warrior Partnership has assisted tens of thousands of veterans and created numerous communities dedicated to serving those who have served. He leads an annual symposium that addresses current trends and needs in the veteran-serving space and brings together leaders from the military, government, nonprofit, and civilian organizations to network and share experiences.

He is a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Nursing and received his Master’s degree from Webster University in Computer Resources and Information Management. His honors include the Bronze Star, the Secretary of Defense Outstanding Civilian Award, the USSOCOM Medal, and the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Exceptional Civilian Award. Jim is a Presidential Leadership Scholar and serves as a member for the United States Department of Labor and Veteran’s Benefits Administration on their Federal Advisory Committee Committees as well as a Trustee to the South Carolina Veterans Trust Fund.

Lorraine makes his home in Aiken, S.C. with his wife, Becky.