Inann Johns

Program Lead for Dine' Naazbaa' Partnership, (DNP)

Inann Johns serves as the Program Lead for Dine' Naazbaa' Partnership, (DNP) a program of America's Warrior Partnership, serving veterans, their families, and caregivers on the Navajo Nation.  She's a Navajo Native American and Army veteran having served in Operation Enduring Freedom and honorably discharged from the military in 2012.


After Inann's service and returning to the reservation, she earned her Associates degree from the University of New Mexico.  She then worked for Honorable Council Delegate Raymond Smith Jr., with the Navajo Nation Tribal Council, as the Legislative District Assistant providing services to Tse Si Ani (Lupton), Houck, Newlands, Wide Ruins and Klagetoh Chapters. In addition to her role with DNP, Inann also currently serves as the Commander for the Tse Si Ani (Lupton) Chapter on Navajo Nation.