Army Veteran, Post-Vietnam

Warren is a Post-Vietnam veteran who works at AGS. He served 3 years in the military and was honorably discharged from the Army as a First Lieutenant. He initially requested assistance with being connected to volunteer opportunities within his community when he met with America’s Warrior Partnership during an on-site introductory office visit.

America’s Warrior Partnership connected Warren to Team Rubicon, a national partner with a focus in connecting veterans to disaster relief volunteer opportunities across the US. Also, Warren was connected to another national partner, The Mission Continues. The Mission Continues connects veterans to volunteer opportunities within their community. Opportunities can range from participating in a day of service to leading a volunteer platoon on a community project.

Warren signed up with Team Rubicon after receiving the information America’s Warrior Partnership provided. America’s Warrior Partnership will continue to engage Warren to ensure his desire to volunteer is fulfilled.



Caregiver of a Pre-9/11 Veteran

Sandra is the daughter and caregiver of a Pre-9/11 veteran. Her father, Dwayne, served as a Marine and was honorably discharged. He also served in the Army Reserves and was medically discharged.

At the time when we met Sandra at her place of work, she did not need any assistance. A month later, she started planning a family trip to Disney World and came across a need for assistance with her father's care while they were on vacation. Dwayne, did not want to be a burden to his daughter during the trip and was tempted not to go. Sandra reached out to America's Warrior Partnership for assistance. We worked with Sandra and a local resource called Right at Home in Orlando, FL to ensure Dwayne received the support he needed each morning during the trip. Dwayne and Sandra were so happy he could get the home health support he needed each day. The family had a great time at Disney World making memories together


Air Force, Post-Vietnam 

Rhett served 4 years in the Air Force and was honorable discharged as a Staff Sergeant. He served in the Post-Vietnam era. America’s Warrior Partnership connected with him during an introductory office visit discovering his initial need to be enrolled in eBenefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). VA eBenefits is a web-based system that allows veterans to apply for benefits, manage their benefits, and manage their healthcare.

America’s Warrior Partnership educated Rhett about the process of enrolling in eBenefits and offered assistance. During the process Rhett identified that he did not have a copy of his DD214 and therefore could not complete his eBenefits application. The DD214 is an important document required by many veteran service providers to prove veteran status. America’s Warrior Partnership provided tutorials and discussed the process for obtaining the DD214 which he can order online and obtain within 2 weeks. Rhett also identified the need to obtain a VA card so he can receive healthcare treatment at the VA. America’s Warrior Partnership guided Rhett through the steps on how to obtain a VA card by visiting the local VA. Once Rhett obtains his DD214, he can go down to the VA to obtain his card and finish processing his eBenefits application. Rhett and America’s Warrior Partnership continue to work together on enrolling him in eBenefits which is the gateway for him to receive his earned benefits.